Creation of
learning content


A good training is only as good as its contents.

Of course we also provide you with the appropriate content for your training. Very intuitive for the user and very close to reality. For this purpose, we intensively exchange information with your development or training department.

The result for your participants is an intuitive, varied but above all effective learning environment, in which learning is really fun and goal-oriented.

One of our strengths lies in the implementation of complex technical training. Through our didactic preparation, we succeed in preparing even supposedly "dry content" in an exciting and instructive way. For this we always use the latest media technologies.

We offer you:

  • Device simulations
  • Software simulations
  • Diagrams
  • Video Interaction
  • Animations in 2D or 3D
  • Interactive exercise or examination content

Shortly we will present some examples of our contents here.